Friday, November 8, 2013

Water beads

What if you moved to an empty house in a new town with four active boys, but you couldn’t buy a bunch of big/expensive toys because you are moving again soon, you can’t take anything with you, and you are on a tight budget? How would you keep them occupied? (Apart from the obvious, of course, like music, art, sticks in the backyard, balls,
etc.) I’ve been doing some research, and last week I finally found something online that I thought would be a good match: water beads.

We ordered a pack for around $8, and today they arrived. The outcome? Endless hours of play in all shapes and forms. Priceless! (Add a $1 can of shaving cream, and the fun never ends.) As an added bonus, we probably can take them with us when we leave, because you can dehydrate them again, they only weigh about 1 Lbs. and take up no space at all.

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