Friday, May 23, 2014

Ha, ha! And just then... computer broke. My nice Dell laptop with touch screen was sitting closed on the couch in front of me, when a roughhousing, playing baby and husband came flying through the air, and in a moment of save the baby or save yourself, my husband landed on his elbow on my laptop.


By some miracle, there was no physical damage to the laptop bar a small dent in the lid, however when I opened it, it became apparent that the screen was broken. Black. Nothing.

When I spoke to Dell - just a few moments later - I was informed that a new screen only costs $79. Wow. Pheuw. I was worried it would be expensive, since the last thing we need right now are extra expenses (my husband doesn't get paid over the summer). My relief was brief, however; the repair process costs $179.


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Radio silence is over

Well, there it is: 3,5 months without a single blog post, photo, check-in. Dear reader, I am sorry I haven't been able to keep up. At all.

What happened? Life took over and I capitulated: our days became filled with spring time busyness, baseball season, study, trips, conferences, work, homeschooling coop activities, hikes, and oh, Max started crawling, and he is everywhere, all the time, vertically and horizontally. We have to keep our chairs away from our table at all times, or he climbs up on our rather high dining room table. He gets into everything. If you happen to leave the toilet seat open, he is right there, splashing away with all his might and joy. Between everything and him, I realized in early February that something had to go, and I more or less consciously gave up blogs all together: reading and writing.

But I miss it. It is fun to read about other people's lives and ideas, and it is fun to write. Now that the baseball season just ended, the semester is over and we are starting our nomadic life again before returning to Lebanon in August, I want to give it another shot. Maybe there's still someone out there - mom? - looking through this looking glass, and if there is, welcome back! If not, then welcome back to me!