Monday, December 9, 2013

The baby is developing in accordence with God's plan

Hey, what happened? Where did you go?! (This is the voice of you, dear reader.)

Max – our baby – went from being perfectly happy in my, or other family member’s, arms, just kind of tagging along, to wanting to grab everything we grab (typing with him became impossible), then quickly developed a desire to reach further, and move around by ways of commando crawl, exploring everything in his way. Very soon after that, within a couple of weeks, he moved on to a standard baby crawl (so much more effective!), which required the family to deep clean the house (he has a particular taste for eating lint) and baby proof every corner of every room (his first real crawl ever consisted of a very straight and determined trip to an electrical outlet, fingers ready). That took us a few days, at least, and involved, among other measures, a trip to IKEA.

Here we are, and I am trying to adjust to life with a crawling baby – for the fourth time. You’d think I’d have it down by now, wouldn’t you? However, this is our first house in the US, and every baby is slightly different. Max is a happier baby in general than most babies I’ve ever met, but he is definitely also just a normal baby at this stage: as they start being able to move around – remove themselves physically from the mother - at the same time they become more needy, physically displaying separation anxiety.

This is the stage when everything you ever needed to do or wanted to do on any given day have to be done during nap time. I call it the “Do-it-all-at-nap-time” stage. Of course it’s impossible. So some things are left neglected, for a while. I’ve learned that I have time for one – 1 – personal, not necessarily vital to my physical survival, activity, and I have chosen exercise over blogging. Sorry, folks. This doesn’t mean that I don’t want to write, or that I won’t. Just that I will exercise first and then blog. And whaddayaknow? Today I managed both.

*Disclaimer: At least one child, possibly a baby, and probably many household items were harmed during the recording of these accounts.

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