Monday, December 2, 2013

Visiting Helen, GA and hiking to Raven Cliff Falls

After our very yummy Thanksgiving dinner we drove up to Helen for a couple of days to visit this very peculiar town and go hiking.

On our way we passed the highway exit to the Mall of Georgia - oh the traffic! The exit was completely blocked and cars were lined up for miles. I can't even imagine what it was like inside the mall! Black Friday certainly earned its name there.

We had a cold but absolutely perfect weekend! Helen, which was changed to look like an Alpine village sometime in the 60's to boost tourism (it worked too - apparently around 1.2 million tourists visit each year), was hosting a Christmas market, and the boys got to wave to Santa Claus who paraded the street. We had a great German meal at the Bodensee restaurant, and then spent the night at Super 8 (I know, fancy us!).

The next day we drove up to the Raven Cliff Falls trail head and spent the day hiking one of the most beautiful hikes we have experienced here in Georgia - five miles of waterfalls, wood and nature's beauty all around.

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