Monday, October 21, 2013

Our first Davidson-Arabia Nature Reserve hike

Because of a currently heavier work load (it’s that time of the year) we have reduced the amount of time we spend hiking every week – taking an entire day each weekend on top of an hour or two a couple of times during the week is just not possible at the moment, due to manuscript- and other

deadlines, activities and field trips, etc. We have not ceased entirely though; on Sunday we drove down to the Davidson-Arabia Nature Reserve, where we hiked around for a couple of hours.

The weather was perfect! Clear blue sky, a couple of beautiful white clouds, a big sun, around 71 or so degrees (between 20-22 Celsius) and a fresh crisp air. Because the map was a little off, we ended up hiking on a bike path for a while, which wasn’t exactly the nature experience we had had in mind, but once we hit the forest and the open rock area, we had a good time. We only really explored a fragment of the area, which means we will go back again soon – not only was it a fun hike, but it’s less than 30 min. drive from our house and not difficult to find.

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