Monday, October 14, 2013

Visiting the World of Coca Cola and Legoland Discovery Center in Atlanta

We usually throw big birthday parties for our boys, but since we barely know anyone here in Atlanta, we offered our oldest son some sightseeing choices for his 12th birthday instead: he chose the World of Coca Cola and Legoland Discovery Center. Imagine that.

The World of Coca Cola is in downtown Atlanta, about 20 min. from our house, and although there’s always traffic, we’ve never really had any problems driving there. Saturday however was really busy. We learned later that it was probably because of the Gay Pride festival, although when we arrived at the World of Coca Cola, which is right next to the Aquarium, it seemed like this was the destination for most people. It was packed!

I visited Atlanta as a student in 1995 and it seems like the World of Coca Cola hasn’t changed much since then. It wouldn’t be so bad if the entrance fee wasn’t lower, but as it is now, this experience is just overpriced. My husband kept saying he felt like he was participating in a giant commercial/advertising campaign. The 4D cinema is OK and the boys really enjoyed the soda fountains of course, where you can taste over 60 kinds of Coca Cola products as much as you want. We all left feeling a little ill.

We bought our tickets to Legoland Discovery Center online, where you get a much better deal than if you buy your tickets on site ($11 vs. $19 for an adult). The Center, which is in Buckhead, also about 20 min. from our house, was nicer than I had expected, with two rides, a 4D cinema, and plenty of LEGO building centers, as well as a jungle jim. Abraham enjoyed the Duplo building station, which had plates where you could simulate an earthquake, rattling down the huge LEGO building you had just constructed. It was a little more crowded than we had expected (we didn’t know that some of the schools were on break this week). It wasn’t too bad though. Although we will not go back again, I don’t feel like it was a waste of our money. Like my husband put it on our way home, “I’m glad we went and that the boys had fun, and I’m glad that’s over!”

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